Why Twenty Minutes?

Our Twenty Minute Candles aim to put undistracted, quality, restorative time back into your life. Our days are beautiful but busy and this tool helps you bring your best self into each day through twenty minutes of daily, mental renewal.

Each handmade candle is designed to guide you through twenty minutes of daily, quality time – without having a phone or clock nearby to disrupt you.

Whether it’s recharging, relaxing, reading, writing entries in your diary or undistracted time with someone – you’ll find many ways to use our Twenty Minute Candles to invite daily, quality restorative time back into your life.

Our hope is that each set of Twenty Minute Candles will encourage you to experience restorative, quality time. When restored, you will be able to give back so much more to the world.

All of our candles are pure beeswax which burn longer, brighter and cleaner with a wonderful honey aroma.

Twenty Minute Candles

Lose yourself for twenty minutes of restorative time by slowing down and living in the moment.

Made with 100% non-drip pure beeswax, our candles burn cleanly with a gentle honey aroma for at least twenty minutes aiding relaxation and mindfulness.

  • Cotton & Grey Twenty Minute Candles
  • Personalised Gift Set
  • 120mm Candle Refills

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